Antiviral Remdesivir-EVA Pharma®️ will be available at Pharmacies for the first time

Cairo,24 June 2021 – EVA Pharma announces that the antiviral Remdesivir-EVA Pharma®️ after one year of successful use in hospitals will be available at retail pharmacies in Egypt for the first time since its launch, enabling more access to patients according to the physician’s prescription and decision.

So far, Remdesivir has shown remarkable antiviral effects in preventing the deterioration of COVID-19 mild and moderate cases while reducing the treatment period in addition to lowering the need for ICU admission which shortened the patients’ recovery time.

According to the latest three real-world data presented at the World Microbe Forum (WMF) last week, the patients who received Remdesivir had a significantly lower risk for mortality compared with other patients. A reduction in mortality was observed across a spectrum of baseline oxygen requirements. The results were consistently observed at different timeframes over the course of the pandemic and across geographies. Two of the studies also observed that patients who received Remdesivir had a significantly increased likelihood of discharge from the hospital by Day 28.

The molecule was the first antiviral drug authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization, since then the medicine was used in more than 50 countries, including the USA, Germany, UK, and Japan.

On the other hand, EVA Pharma has the right to manufacture and supply the drug to 127 countries around the world as per the Voluntary License granted from the innovator company.

Also, EVA Pharma has signed a cooperation agreement with India, to supply nearly 300,000 doses of Remdesivir-EVA Pharma®️, to contribute to the efforts to confront the outbreak of Covid-19 in India.

About Remdesivir:

Remdesivir is an investigational nucleotide analog with broad-spectrum antiviral activity both in vitro and in vivo in animal models against multiple emerging viral pathogens, including Ebola, Marburg, MERS, and SARS. In vitro testing conducted by the innovator, company has demonstrated that Remdesivir is active against the virus that causes COVID-19.