The broad-spectrum anti-bacterial agent belongs to a class of antibiotics called fourth-generation fluoroquinolones
Where the Principles for Management of Pneumonia in Patients With COVID-19 are relevant to bacterial pathogens in patients with pneumonia. Therefore, Moxifloxacin Constitutes a first-line therapeutic agent for the management of severe community-acquired pneumonia and is characterized by Immunomodulatory Activities :
• Down-regulation of the syntheses of pro-inflammatory cytokines
• Up-regulation of the syntheses of hematopoietic growth factor
• Available forms: tablet oral form and IV infusion form
Dose: once daily for 10 days in Community-Acquired Pneumonia CAP.

Contains 100 mg of vitamin C & 5 mg of zinc.

Two lozenges Provide the body with 222% of Vitamin C and 90 % of Zinc RDA for Adult which is recommended for boosting immune system by enhancing various immune cell functions.

– Safe for Diabetic & Renal patients.

Contains B Vitamins (Vit B1, B6 & B12)

Benfotiamine (Vit B1) is a Unique, Innovative Lipophilic derivative from thiamine.

It penetrates cell membrane more than ordinary thiamine, easily absorbed and its peak plasma concentration is 5 times greater than the hydrophilic thiamine. Benfotiamine activates the Transketolase enzyme 20 times greater than ordinary thiamine. It has a better bioavailability 3.6 times greater than ordinary thiamine.

Combined Immune Enhancer.

  •  Zinc 7.17 mg

1- Immunity cells proliferation, differentiation, function & activation.

2- Decrease the inflammatory reaction.

  • Levocarnitine 1000 mg

1- Endogenous Potent Antioxidant.

2- Anti-apoptosis of immune cells.