EVA Pharma Launches its Immunity Booster Limitless Zinc® Tablets

Cairo, October 12, 2020 – EVA Pharma announces the launch of Limitless Zinc® tablets the newest member of its Limitless Naturals group of dietary supplements.

Limitless Zinc® is chelated zinc gluconate in 25 mg concentration which is easily absorbed and has no food or drug interactions. Limitless zinc supports a healthy immune system to defend against viruses and bacteria and promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails by supporting the body’s protein production and DNA formation. It also supports senses of smell, taste, and helps wounds heal.

“EVA Pharma is keen on covering all unmet patients’ needs to support their health and immunity through offering a variety of treatments,” said Dr. George Maher, global marketing director, “with a second spike of COVID19 wave approaching the world, the availability of such medications, vitamins, and minerals is considered a strong asset of the country’s efforts to combat the virus.”

Dr. Amgad El-Hadad, the consultant of allergy and immunology and head of the allergy and immunology center at the vaccination and immunization institute, pointed that “under ordinary circumstances zinc in foods as beans and nuts, almost 11 mg, is sufficient. But in such hard times like today, an adult needs a daily dose of 25 mg of zinc as prophylaxis to boost his/her immunity and 50 mg daily as part of the COVID-19 treatment protocol.”

“As part of the COVID19 treatment protocol, zinc plays an important role to inhibit the viral replication inside lung cells. Therefore zinc is recommended in prophylactic dose to prevent infection and activate the immune cells, while also advised for mild, moderate, severe or even carrier patients to boost their bodies’ immunity” explained Dr. Osama Abd El Latif, professor of allergy and immunology at Ain Shams University.

About EVA Pharma

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