EVA Pharma Releases 500 Thousand Packs of the Analgesic and Antipyretic Drug Paracetamol under the Trade Name Stopadol®

  •  Wagih: “Stopadol® alleviates common cold and coronavirus symptoms and relieves mild to moderate pain.”


Cairo, August 10, 2020 – EVA Pharma intends to reinforce the available quantities of Paracetamol supply in the Egyptian market by releasing 500 thousand packs of Stopadol®, as a part of its mission to offer affordable & high-quality medications.


Dr. Ibram Wagih, marketing manager, says there is an increased demand for the medicines containing the active constituent Paracetamol due to its efficacy in reducing fever and alleviating pain in many cases. Aside from its high efficacy in reducing the fever of common cold and flu patients, the drug was also recently found to have this effect with COVID-19 patients, further increasing the demand for it.

Wagih added, “EVA Pharma is keen on offering the Egyptian market a number of medicines used in the treatment of the novel COVID-19, such as immunity boosters and vitamins, as Ossofortin®, Limitless C zinc®, and Milga®, the antiviral Remdesivir-EVA Pharma®, the anticoagulant Apixatrack® and the antibiotic treatment Moxiflox® in addition to Stopadol®”


Wagih highlighted the use of Stopadol® in symptoms relief in coronavirus, common cold, and fever, as well as alleviating mild to moderate pain in cases of headache, migraine, neuropathy, toothaches, strep throat, menstrual symptoms, sprain, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, backaches (lumbago), fibrosis, myopathy, joint stiffness, and edema.

About EVA Pharma

EVA Pharma, one of the major multinational pharmaceutical companies headquartering in Cairo, Egypt while operating in more than 40 countries and one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the MENA region. The company has partnerships with some of the leading international pharmaceutical names the world over and has a presence in 41 countries throughout the region. With a 3,000-strong team of some of the region’s most competent pharmaceutical professionals, Eva Pharma produces an average of 350,000 packs of more than 165 different drugs daily. Its state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology and are internationally recognized for innovation and the highest international quality standards.

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