EVA Pharma Signs Cooperation Agreement with India for exporting Remdesivir-EVA Pharma®️

The Indian Embassy in Cairo, on behalf of the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, signed a cooperation agreement with EVA Pharma, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies operating in more than 41 countries around the world, to supply nearly 300,000 doses of “Remdesivir EVA Pharma”, to contribute to the efforts to confront the outbreak of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) in India.

The agreement was signed today at the Indian embassy by his excellency the Indian ambassador to Cairo, Ajit Gupte, and Dr. Riad Armanious, CEO of EVA Pharma.

Mr. Gupte, praised the keenness of the Egyptian state and the Egyptian national institutions to support India as its faces a large-spread Covid-19 crisis, expressing his confidence in the success of “Remdesivir EVA Pharma” in contributing effectively to the healing of tens of thousands of patients in India.

Ambassador Gupte thanked President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, for directing all the responsible authorities in the Egyptian state to cooperate with India in facing its “painful affliction”. In addition to the cooperation of EVA Pharma with the government of India to meet its needs of “Remdesivir” and other medicines and medical supplies agreed upon by both parties.

Dr. Riad Armanious, CEO of EVA Pharma, affirmed his confidence in the acceleration of “Remdesivir EVA Pharma” to cure cases infected with Covid-19.

It is currently considered the most effective medicine around the world in treating people with Corona, explaining that this drug prevents the virus to replicate inside the human cells and stops its spread thus it is best administered in the first few days of infection, which in turn reduces the death rates.

Dr. Riad Armanious announced the great success of the drug after its export to various countries from the Philippines in the east to Central American countries in the west, with EVA Pharma having the right to manufacture and supply the drug to 127 countries around the world.  He noted that EVA Pharma’s production lines are certified by the European Medicines Agency, complying with the world’s highest quality standards, enabling the company to export its products globally.

Dr. Riad Armanious stated that EVA Pharma is now manufacturing the drug substance for Remdesivir in substantial amounts. With monthly Remdesivir production amounting to 1.5 million doses, giving EVA Pharma enough provisions to respond to unforeseen demands in sizable quantities, catering for countries facing a nationwide affliction while Egypt remains self-sufficient.

EVA Pharma is the first and only company with the VL (Voluntary License) in the Middle East and Africa to produce Remdesivir, curing tens of thousands of patients in Egypt and other countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa successfully.