EVA Pharma Talent Academy Equips 3 Thousands Pharmacy Students for the Job Market

  • Under the supervision of professors from American universities, the French university “ESLSCA” & the Egyptian Japanese University. Pharmacy students from different Egyptian universities attended an intensive internship mixing between theoretical lectures and hands-on training.

Cairo, August 19, 2020 – EVA Pharma launched its “EVA Pharma Talent Academy” to train around 3 thousand students of the final years at pharmacy schools from universities around the nation. This step highlights the interest of actively participating in qualifying students to the job market and mining for the talented and outstanding students in order to offer them job opportunities.

In the 10th year of the annual summer internship organized by EVA Pharma under the name “Career Exploration”, Dr. George Saadan, Head of Human Resources department at EVA Pharma, mentioned that the training program has started in mid-July virtually due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Later on, according to a survey among the interns, around 1700 students were scheduled to field visits to the factories and field practice.

Such field training were held parallel to the theoretical lectures, at which activities the company was keen on providing protective equipment to the students.

Saadan added, “The training course takes 7 weeks featuring 28 lectures by an elite group of expert professors in different fields.” The lecturers were professors from the American University in Cairo, ESLSCA French university branch in Cairo, the Egyptian-Japanese University for science and technology, in addition to company leaders alongside practical hands-on field training.

EVA Pharma schedules the celebration of the summer internship completion at the end of August. The event will include presenting certificates to all interns with special rewards to the outstanding interns of the group.

Saadan clarified that the students are taught about the fundamentals which a pharmacist needs to know in his career. The training sharpens many skills, personal and professional, and covers many aspects like sales, marketing, decision-making, management, quality, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

“During various pharmacy visits, the interns also participated in patients’ awareness on diseases and medications, including vitamins and its correlation to immunity support, common-cold, and flu medications, and other dietary supplements”, Saadan added.

Highlighting that the door constantly remains open for interns to come with their innovative ideas, Saadan pointed that the ones who come up with the most outstanding ideas receive job offers at the company as soon as they graduate; in addition to the opportunity, the company is offering to all interns, to gain career-related experiences which help them plan their future career pathway and make their decisions.


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