Droguerie Riad Armanious

Redefining the phrase starting from scratch, Dr Riad Armanious built the Group, now known as

Armanious Group, with the launch of 1 pharmacy.


Pharmacie La Santé

Egypt’s oldest and most reputable pharmacy was born in 1919. The Armanious name grew

and a reputation of excellence and trust was beginning to flourish.


Les Laboratoires Delta

Dr Riad continued on his path and created Egypt’s 2nd pharmaceutical company in Egypt

through building, a lab specializing in effective and innovative formulas.


Eva Cosmetics

Dr. Mounir Riad Armanious continued his father’s success by building on the strong heritage of

the Armanious group and creating Eva Cosmetics, a personal care manufacturing and

distribution plant.


Akhnaton Trading and Representation

Starting with the marketing and distribution arm of Eva Cosmetics, Akhnaton Trading and

Representation provides its sister companies with their needs in consultation, know-how,

machinery and raw materials.


Nefertiti Chemicals

A major importer that hunts the world for the finest reagents and ingredients, then supplies

companies in a vast range of industries with their needs in chemicals and laboratory equipment.


Akhnaton Engineering

Provider of technical maintenance and calibrations for all machinery in the pharmaceutical and

cosmetics businesses.



Primarily a land reclamation company that was founded with the objective of turning barren

tracts of desert land to fertile productive fields. So far the company has transformed a 1,500

acre land into farm land.


Eva Pharma

Founded over a decade ago, Eva Pharma has become one of the leading generic pharmaceutical

manufacturers in the MENA region, providing over 120 pharmaceutical products.


Eva Cosmetics new facility

Occupying a 40,000 m²-area of land and with a capacity of 384 million units a year, the new

facility allowed for the groups further expansion.


Akhnaton Mechatronics

An entity that designs, manufacturers and provides the best machinery for cosmetic and

pharmaceutical needs.


Eva Foundation For Social Services

With a culture of giving back to the community, Armanious group launches an entity founded

solely with the objective of providing social care and services to the community.



A corporation based in France that specializes in manufacturing, trading, importing and

exporting cosmetic products.



Eva Biomedical European Development Institute, a state of the art research center was launched

in Hungary.