(Limitless C-zinc original) From limitless naturals a new launch brand from EVA Pharma.

– Supports a healthy immune system for all family.
– Contains 100 mg of vitamin C & 5 mg of zinc.
– Two lozenges Provide the body with 222% of Vitamin C and 90 % of Zinc RDA for Adult which is an adequate amount for boosting the immune system by enhancing various immune cell functions.
– Safe for Renal patients as it provides only RDA recommended amounts of vitamin c and zinc (as High Vitamin C concentrations increase Oxalate Stone Formation).
– Safe for Diabetic patients (as it contains only 2 Calories).

Limitless C-zinc:
•Has local soothing effect on a sore throat.
•High Bioavailability and Local Absorption for ingredients.
Adults & children from 6 years old.
Dosage: two lozenges daily.