At EVA Pharma, the function of Research and Development goes far beyond the technical process of developing new drugs to add to our portfolio. Our focus is guided by the needs of our patients, and so the process of creating and launching new drugs begins with understanding which medicines are most needed in the market today.

Our product pipeline proposals are carefully reviewed by committees that comprise department heads and consultants. Ideas are carefully scrutinized and evaluated according to a wide range of criteria whose purpose is to ensure the introduction of safe drugs that fulfill market needs.

Once a product candidate has met our criteria, we develop an alternative guided by the principle of enhancing efficacy by searching for and leveraging new drug delivery systems as opposed to simply replicating a product.

We achieve our mandate of excellence by regularly upgrading our R&D laboratories and facilities with special equipment and state-of-the-art instruments while entrusting their operation to an exceptional team of professionals.

As of July 2020, EVA Pharma’s product portfolio consists of 165 in-market products and over 500 in the pipeline.


Research and development efforts were conducted in the Mounir Armanious Research Center (MARC), EVA Pharma’s 1400 sqm state-of-the-art facility (est. 2018) which is currently the largest dedicated site for pharmaceutical development and services in the MENA region. Its highly skilled workforce consists of over one hundred of the most talented and experienced specialists and scientists in the region.

Developing cost-effective products is a priority at MARC. We are dedicated to utilizing validated processes to deliver the highest quality at the lowest costs. One of our objectives is to become an international leader and pioneer in producing products directly from natural resources. Since our establishment, we have delivered medicines that fulfilled the healthcare needs of communities and improved the overall well-being of societies.

MARC turn-key services entail the integration of divisions in a continuous life cycle. This lifecycle starts with surveying therapeutic needs for launching new products, API sourcing and analytical method development and validation, culminating in stability studies and followed-up with continuous improvement manufacturing interventions where necessary, dossier Compilation (CTD/ eCTD), as well as regulatory submissions.

Our Research and Development capabilities make MARC experienced in a set of much-diversified dosage forms including solid orals, liquid orals, semi-solids, parenteral, specialty dosage forms (dry powder, multi-dose vials, etc…); in addition to our nutritional product unit.

Our dedicated team of pharmacists and chemists are highly skilled and receive regular on-the-job training to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge.