The Supreme Committee for Viruses Recognizes EVA Pharma as a Partner in the Eradication of Virus C in Egypt

Egyptian Study Proves Virus C Medicines Effective Against COVID-19

  • The committee for viruses: “EVA Pharma is our partner at the eradication of virus C… and soon will release treatment for virus B”
  • Esmat: “we have a complete system to treat all virus C patients including relapsed cases and children… The new treatment will be beneficial for patients with concurrent renal dysfunction”
  • Esmat: “Nucleobuvir® and Daclaviridin® accelerate the healing process, reduce the health effects and death rate of COVID-19 “
  • Armanious: “we are keen on providing the latest antiviral treatments to Egypt and the world”

July 29, 2020, In light of World Hepatitis Day, celebrated on July 28th, the National Committee for Control of Viral Hepatitis, in collaboration with EVA Pharma, held a scientific conference on the updates of the fight against viral hepatitis.

During the conference, Dr. Gamal Esmat, vice chairman of the National Committee for Control of Viral Hepatitis of the Ministry of Health and Population, and the World Health Organization advisor, shared WHO’s goal to eliminate viral hepatitis globally by the year 2030. The goal which Egypt has already accomplished in virus C, Esmat highlighted “we are the first country to reach this rate of virus C elimination”.

Esmat commended EVA Pharma’s collaboration with Gilead Sciences to provide Egypt with a complete virus C treatment system, including high-quality medicines for relapsed cases and children.

As for the fight against hepatitis B, Esmat praised the novel medicine which EVA Pharma is planning its release soon. The medicine, as Esmat clarified, will benefit hepatitis B patients with renal dysfunction, unlike current treatments that have more load and kidney-related side effects.

On the margin of the conference, Esmat shared the positive results of an Egyptian study on the effect of HCV treatments on the novel coronavirus. The study, which was held at the faculty of sciences, Cairo University, has theoretically proved that HCV treatments as Nucleobuvir®, with active ingredient sofosbuvir, and Daclaviridin®, with active ingredient daclatasvir, accelerate the healing process, reduce the health effects and death rate of COVID-19.

Esmat added, after the conclusion of the study at Cairo’s faculty of sciences, 4 countries are now investigating the effects of HCV treatments on COVID-19. The countries are Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, and Iran.

Meanwhile, Dr. Riad Armanious, chief executive officer of EVA Pharma, said his company is keen on providing novel treatments to Egyptians; which allows the company to actively support the country’s quest to eliminate hepatitis C, in addition to its efforts to supply other antiviral treatments for hepatitis B, HIV, influenza, or coronavirus.

EVA Pharma owns the biggest pharmaceutical research center in the Middle East and Africa, Mounir Armanious Research Center (MARC), Armanious added. The company focuses on supporting scientific research and Egyptian researchers as well as the local manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and novel medicines.

While Dr. Amgad Talaat, general manager at EVA Pharma, said the company was a partner at the success of the president’s health campaign to eliminate hepatitis C. Talaat added, EVA Pharma, in collaboration with the Supreme Committee for Control of Viral Hepatitis and the Egyptian Society of Internal Medicine, will train more than a thousand hepatologist and infectious diseases specialist on the most recent treatments for hepatitis patients, as well as ultrasound diagnostic measures.


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