The Telegraph announced that “Sofosbuvir” and “Daclatasvir” Produced by EVA Pharma are reducing Coronavirus Death Rate

  • EVA Pharma: It’s our duty to provide all needed quantities in Egypt

Cairo, July 11, 2020 A number of countries are currently investigating the effects of two hepatitis C treatments on reducing the death rate of coronavirus. Three trials involved patients in Iran, along with other similar trials simultaneously conducted in other countries.

The trials included “Sofosbuvir” and “Daclatasvir”; both drugs are produced by EVA Pharma, one of the major international pharmaceutical companies headquartering in Cairo while operating in more than 40 countries. The two drugs were used during the country’s campaign to eliminate hepatitis C from Egypt.

According to The Telegraph, “Three groups of patients were given the two drugs, with affordable cost of the treatment compared to other tested COVID-19 treatments” the results of such trials were described as “promising”.

The mechanism of action for the mentioned treatments, by binding to one of the proteins of the virus, interfering with its ability to replicate. The results of the trials are expected to be concluded and revealed in October.

In his comment on the current studies, Dr. Riad Armanious, CEO of EVA Pharma, assured the company’s commitment to producing both drugs at enough quantities to cover the Egyptian needs especially with EVA Pharma having vast manufacturing capabilities that allow export.

Armanious also highlighted that now EVA Pharma offers Egypt and all countries in the region, all the treatment options available to combat coronavirus. Starting from the antivirals “Remdesivir – EVA Pharma”, up to “Sofosbuvir” and “Daclatasvir” and all other drugs included in COVID-19 treatment will be made available in high-value and affordable cost to the Egyptian patient.

While pointing that his company produces a group of vitamins and immunity boosters as vitamin C and zinc, vitamin B complex, along with other needed drugs that allow Egypt’s “White Army” to treat COVID-19 patients in Egyptian hospitals, and other countries in the region and globally.

Armanious revealed that EVA Pharma has already released Remdesivir to nearly 30 hospitals around Egypt, while now is getting ready to export abroad in the upcoming few days.

Wrapping his statement, Armanious assured again in his company’s quest to provide all and any treatment production amounts serving the best interest of the Egyptian patient, and openness to abroad export.


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